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It started with a BMC lorry and Rs. 6000/= in 1979. Dinayadura Mr. Somachandra De Silva, a young 27 year old from Minuwangoda, started transporting Coconuts and Pineapple from Minuwangoda to Jaffna and Dried Fish, Chilies and Onions from Jaffna to Negombo.

Young Silva’s experience in the field span back 10 years, supporting his father’s enterprise, learning the hardships, failures and facing several unpleasant encounters. He considered these as blessings and opportunities to learn from. With the Rs. 6000/= as a present from his father, he now ventured into his own business with hope.


Calton Stores saw birth in 1983 with four employees. Its doors opened daily before other stores in the area and shut late at night where the only lights to be seen were at Calton Stores. This provided quick and easy shopping access for customers at their convenience. Friendly and respective customer service, efficient goods delivery service to shop or home, fast over the counter service, gaining the trust of customers were considered important in the daily operations.

Orient Trading, Nestle, Coco Cola and CPC Lanka companies each paired up with Calton, recognising its efficiency as their distribution company, in Negombo.

A complex and developing community has many changing requirements. Negombo, becoming a hub for commercial activities and a tourist destination, was dynamic. Realising the needs for quality and fresh food for visitors to Negombo, the company’s new arm, the Bakery, was established in 1990 with the collaboration of experienced confectioners. Extending its expertise in the business of food, in 1996, Calton Sweet House was set up in Katunayake. Seeing an opportunity to expand its services across the consumer goods sector, servicing the ever increasing needs of customers, Calton Hypermarket was then established in the year 2007.


An entrepreneur with diverse interests, Mr. Somachandra De Silva’s attention to other ventures saw the groups including the provision of Q Bond cladding to Sri Lanka in its hosts of sectors. Another successful effort in entering another industry is the launch of CCM Agro, which has proven itself in helping uplift the agro industry in Sri Lanka.

CSR Activities
Corporate Social Responsibility Activities by Calton Group
Giving back to the community is a noble deed. A company with its staff, community and society at large, in its heart, builds its operations around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Calton group’s CSR efforts are many. Its daily operations include looking into the well being of society. Mr Silva was awarded with SAMADANA VINISURU positionin 199I. In view of helping society, Schools, Temples, Churches and many Public areas received help and donations; children's artistic capabilities were encouraged via art competitions.
Awards Received
First Place in Food  Manufacturing in Small and Medium Category at the 2006 District Island President’s Awards, supported by the Ministry of Rural Industries and Self-Employment Promotion.
Third Place in Food  Manufacturing in Small and Medium Category  at 2006 Provincial Level President’s Awards Ceremony.
Negombo Puthra Keerthirathna from the Mayor of Negombo, in 2007, for services to the community awarded to Mr. Somachandra De Silva.
Bestowed the name ‘Sri Lanka Vyapara Vibushana Samaja Seva’ in 2008.
Deshamanya, Deshabimana, Lanka Puthra’ was awarded to Mr. Somachandra De Silva in 2008 for services rendered to community at large with no religious or caste discrimination.
With its 300 strong staff members, Calton Group endeavours and continues to serve the needs of its customers and community.
Chairman - Deshamanya D. Somachandra De Silva
Founder Chairman
Deshamanya D. Somachandra De Silva
Board of Directors of Calton Group
Board of Directors
Business Development Board
Business Development Board
(Left to right) - G. C. B. Perera, J. A. S. N. D. Kurera, K. A. D. A. S. P. Kumarapeli, U. A. D. Shirani, M. A. A. J. Kumara, N. L. R. De Silva, J. A. D. J. Jayasiri.
Branch Managers
Branch Managers
(Left to right) - D. C. Premarathna, M. T. L. C. Fernando, H. A. V. Perera, T. H. W. Silva, T. H. C. Fedric.
Team Leaders
Team Leaders
(Left to right) - M. N. Croos Pulle, Y. R. V. Pathmajeewa, W. D. Bandu Prema, P. L. H. N. Silva, V. S. Raja, Y. Shitharan, D. I. P. Rathnayake.